Layanan Kami

Diagnostic Performance Problem, Cause Analysis, Solution Selection  Recomendations, Solution Implementation & Evaluation of Results

Improve Business Process, Standard Operating Procedure Design, Service Level Agreement, Document  Control

Knowledge Management Strategy, Best Practice Knowledge Management Program, Knowledge Management System  & Knowledge Management Policy  Design

SWOT Analysis, Corporate  Plan  & Business Plan Design, Balance Scorecard – Key Performance Indicator (Unit & Individu)

Corporate University Design & Strategy, Optimize Corporate University,  Alignment Corporate University Program with Business Strategy

Human Capital Process, Human Capital Strategy, Human Capital Policy, Performance Management System, Talent Management

eLearning Strategy & Implementation, Learning Management System (LMS), eLearning Contents Design, eLearning Operations

Corporate Culture Redefining, Corporate Culture Strategy & Culture Program Implementations

Direktur Marketing & Bisnis

Kepala Divisi Bisnis Training